Our Story

Beauty starts from a healthy skin & soul foundation

Roseline Beauty is a Sydney-based brand that is passionate to create natural skincare products that are vegan, gentle yet effective and easy to implement into your current skincare routines.

We believe that the best foundation you can wear is a healthy, glowing skin. We aim to help you learn to embrace your skin as a form of self-appreciation that makes you radiant, inside and out.

Our range takes you away to a blissful moment that makes you feel good and glowing; it's a dreamy escape through your senses. Through this simple act, skincare becomes self-care.

Meet Roseline, Roseline Beauty Founder

My name is Roseline but everyone knows me by the name, Rosie.

I was born in a small surburb of Paris, France and lived there until I was 10-11 years old. Throughout my life, I have lived in 4 other countries within South-East Asia and now living in Sydney, Australia. My ethnicities are Chinese and Thai and I can speak 7 languages.

With my personal experience with severe acne about 9 years ago, I never thought that it would have a significant impact to my self-esteem. I was frustrated about having the difficulty to find skincare products that are safe to use and effective to my skin. From luxury skincare brands to home remedies, nothing worked. While I was seeing a dermatologist, I learned so much about my skin, the consistency of having a good skincare, lifestyle routines and have a positive attitude and mindset towards life help to maintain clear skin and how stress can have some impact to causing acne.

As a content creator, I want to spread more skin positivity and help others learn how to appreciate and embrace their own skin imperfection.

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